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2010-3-8   |  Shuttle Showcases Latest Technologies and Solutions to Top Intel Resellers in North America and Latin America at Intel Solutions Summit 2010
Shuttle introduces to top Intel resellers its latest technologies and solutions that will empower their customers at ISS 2010
2010-3-1   |  Shuttle Officially Unveils New Online Notebook Ordering System for Local OEMs and Resellers
Shuttle launches its new ePSA website which allows local OEMs and resellers to configure and order custom designed notebooks based on the Shuttle Notebook Ecosystem online
2010-2-23   |  Shuttle Announces Digital Signage Partnership with Four Winds Interactive at Digital Signage Expo 2010
Shuttle partners up with leading digital signage software provider to bring more custom solutions based on Shuttle PC hardware to its customers in North America
2010-2-16   |  Shuttle Teams Up with “Clash of the Titans” for the Launch of its New Entertainment PCs
Shuttle set to kick-off the launch of its latest J Series and X50 V2 with a limited-edition PC based on Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ high-profile epic film in 3D, “Clash of the Titans”