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How to build a barebone

Creating with Shuttle
These tutorials are intended to assist you in building your new Shuttle Barebone. There are many possible PC configurations and hardware that you could put into your new Barebones PC. But, what we are trying to do here is help you not only put together a basic PC configuration using a Shuttle Barebones, but show you how easy it is to build a PC using Shuttle world renowned Barebones. For this reason, we are only requiring the basic components and tools to get you up and running.


Tools Required
  • Phillips-head Screwdriver
    Hardware Required
  • Shuttle Barebones
  • Processor
  • Memory modules
  • Hard Drive
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • Video Card (Optional on some models)
  • Keyboard, Monitor & Mouse

    While we make every effort to ensure that the information we supply here is correct to the very best of our knowledge, we cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage to any persons or property as a result of the use or misuse of this information and/or advice. Building PCs is a relatively safe procedure, but please be sure to take ALL necessary precautions when handling mains power cables, sharp tools etc.

    The single biggest destroyer of computer components is Static Electricity. Always use Anti-Static protections when working with PC components and, where possible, leave components (especially those that have exposed electronic parts) in the manufacturers packaging until they are actually required.